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Golden Years

  • Release date: 2014-08-20
  • Label: Screwed Up Records and Tapes

Album Description

Lil Randy of the Screwed Up Click has released an album that is dedicated to the memory of Big Moe. Lil Randy felt it was only right to release this album on Big Moe’s birthday. This album contains many of Big Moe’s greatest hits and features. This album is a collectors item. If you are a big fan of The S.U.C. you will want this album in your collection. This album is also hosted by K-Luv who is Big Moe’s brother. #NoBodyDoesItBetter

  1. 1

    Momma Don't Cry ft. Big MoeD-Gotti - Album Only

    Momma Don't Cry ft. Big Moe
  2. 2

    Payin Dues ft. Z-RoBig Moe - Album Only

    Payin Dues ft. Z-Ro
  3. 3

    Slow Down ft. Big MoeLil' O - Album Only

    Slow Down ft. Big Moe
  4. 4

    Ridin' HighSouthside Playaz - Album Only

    Ridin' High
  5. 5

    Choppaz fy. Big PokeyBig Moe - Album Only

    Choppaz fy. Big Pokey
  6. 6

    Makin' Cash ForeverBotany Boys - Album Only

    Makin' Cash Forever
  7. 7

    Hell YeahBig Moe - Album Only

    Hell Yeah
  8. 8

    Moe LifeBig Moe - Album Only

    Moe Life
  9. 9

    Sippin CodeineDJ Screw - Album Only

    Sippin Codeine
  10. 10

    Leanin'Big Moe - Album Only

  11. 11

    The LetterBig Moe - Album Only

    The Letter
  12. 12

    Senorita ft. Big MoeD-Gotti - Album Only

    Senorita ft. Big Moe
  13. 13

    Drop Yo Top ft. Big MoeE.S.G. - Album Only

    Drop Yo Top ft. Big Moe
  14. 14

    Confidential Playa ft. Z-RoBig Moe - Album Only

    Confidential Playa ft. Z-Ro

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